3. What are the decent free platforms?

The response is No, we’ve yet to locate a decent, free internet dating internet site.

  • Appreciate scammers, that are looking for your hard earned money.
  • Fakes, which can be wanting to attract you into other shady, really sites that are expensive.
  • “Trolls”, which will invest their time irritating you. Stalkers that need to find new victims.

Those looking a self-confidence boost, wanting to see with you, but wont ever follow-up on your flirt if they COULD get.

4. Free dating website – more spam?

Yes, only famous platforms such as Match.com have dedicated employees that will be checking for exclusively fake pages and spam reports. A totally free platform won’t manage to pay for such a site.

Yes, considering that the decent providers spend into anti-spam technologies (fake filters, image scanners, user verification). Continue reading