From combat to campus: GI Bill offered a generation of African People in the us the opportunity to follow the American dream – Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 – Special Report: The incorporated Military – 50 Years – Protect tale

By Ronald Roach

The first champions of this GI Bill probably never envisioned the
far-reaching effect the landmark legislation could have on US

That scores of World War II veterans and their loved ones would join
the class that is middle gas the biggest economic expansion ever most likely
didn’t happen to proponents of this bill. Rather, the GI Bill –
officially known because the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 – ended up being
crafted mainly to avert social calamity that governmental leaders feared
would erupt if scores of army personnel returned home to an economy that is job-poor.

Since its enactment, not one general public policy has garnered more
credit for the expansion of financial possibility and advanced schooling.
Finalized by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 22, 1944, the GI Bill
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