John put a blindfold around my eyes and a gag around my lips. We felt him grip my neck and put the leash round the collar.

I became to my arms and knees, following pull for the leash such as an animal. He guided me personally into another space and sat me personally on a seat. I felt him pull my panties down. He tied me personally tightly round the seat with my arms behind my straight back, and my legs distribute available. I had no concept that which was waiting for you.

The silence had been killing me personally and blindfolded nevertheless, i really could see nothing. We heard the sound of some other individual. It was known by me personally ended up being Lucy. At this time, I had no basic concept the thing that was taking place but i do believe these people were kissing. Things escalated they were having sex until I believe. It became so arousing, hearing them screw, hearing John lb Lucy. It was heard by me all — Lucy gagging on John’s cock, and John domming her from all roles. He site right there was heard by me spank her; she cried away. We knew she liked using that cock difficult and deep, and I also pictured them vividly when I heard the noise of their balls slapping against her.

I felt so horny, hearing them bang when I ended up being restrained to your seat. Continue reading