Rectal intercourse parties. 1 This occurrence can also be referred to as chemsex.

Some homosexual, bisexual as well as other men that have intercourse with men (gbMSM) utilize drugs especially to facilitate or enhance intimate encounters. This sensation is often called play and party(PnP). There are a number of reasons why gbMSM be involved in PnP. The risks of PnP related to sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), and how service providers can provide support for men who PnP in their communities in this article we discuss the drugs most commonly used for PnP in Canada, how common PnP is in Canada.

What exactly is PnP?

PnP may be the utilization of specific medications by some gbMSM before or while having sex especially to facilitate, sustain or enhance encounters that are sexual.

Participation in PnP happens to be doable because of the utilization of online online dating sites and hook-up apps that allow gbMSM to quickly locate guys thinking about PnP inside their area. 2 Men use specific code terms (such as for instance chems, faves, celebration, blowing clouds) within their online pages to point they wish to meet up to PnP, just one using one or perhaps in a bunch. Continue reading