Why Some Straight Men Are Romantically or Sexually drawn to Other Men

I recently had written an article in regards to the music video clip for singer-songwriter Steve Grand’s track «All-American Boy, » by which a homosexual man falls in deep love with a right guy and additionally they share a kiss that is quick.

For the reason that post we addressed why homosexual guys may be drawn to right guys, but that concern raises another: Why might a man that is straight romantically or intimately interested in other males? Why did the guy that is straight the video kiss the homosexual man right back, most likely?

The scenario that is following often times: a person makes my workplace, introduced by his very own specialist and clutching coming-out literary works that the therapist has provided him. He describes that their specialist has tried, unsuccessfully, to assist him turn out as homosexual or bisexual, but despite the fact that he’s had sex along with other males or visited homosexual porn web sites, he insists that he’sn’t homosexual. He states that he’sn’t homophobic either; if as it happens that he’s certainly gay or bisexual, he will accept it and move ahead along with his life, nevertheless the label simply does not feel directly to him. Continue reading